LenSense & LenSApp Technology


LensSense is a non-invasive soft gel contact lens with similar geometry and dimensions to commercially available contact lenses. It is proven that corneal and scleral curvatures change with changes in IOP. This induces strain into the overlying LenSense (a soft gel contact lens) and consequently changes the cross-sectional area of a microchannel embedded within the contact lens. The microchannel contains an incompressible, visible liquid and the change of channel cross-section forces the liquid to move within the channel. Consequently, the location of the indicator liquid can be used to determine intraocular pressure.


LenSapp is a progressive web application (PWA) which can be accessed from desktops, tablets, and mobile devices (Andrioid and iPhones), can capture an image of the eye and process and analyze the image through machine learning.LenSapp will determine the corresponding IOP, and display the reading to the user. All data and qualified images will also be sent securely to cloud storage, where permitted physicians can access their patients’ IOP data in real time.

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